To leave your amulet up to the witch.

¥5,900 tax included



*Earliest delivery date is 6/4(Tue) (may require more days depending on delivery address).

*Limit of 3 per order.

This item can be shipped outside of Japan.

We make amulets by mixing crystals in according with your wishes.

The witch who has heard your wish will prepare the talisman.

Recommended for those who don't know how to combine gemstones and potpourri.

【Please make sure to write down the contents of the charm you want in the remarks section.】

※If you forget to fill in remarks section, please send them through our contact form.
If you do not contact us, an amulet details decide arbitrarily by the witch.

What is a Charm pot?

Size : (Approximately...) H45mm(1.772") / W37mm(1.457") / D37mm(1.457")

The Charm pot is delivered to put my feelings with sealing wax

It is good to decorate in your room as a amulet until your dream come true and
you can also purify your everyday accessories and add aroma oil to enjoy.

It's kawaii, so I recommend you to decorate it on your desk or divide it and carry it as a charm

You can also add a capsule with a key charm for $3 on request

If you would like, please choose your favorite design from heart-shaped, moon-shaped or star-shaped fasteners

There is a limit of one per a charm pot

If you would like more than one capsule with a key charm, please order here

The charm attached to the charm pot can
be arranged as a bracelet or necklace

※Each one is carefully handmade

Please note that it will take 3 business days to ship.

Dried flowers are natural, so if you use them for a long time, the scent and color may deteriorate.

※Notes※ Please confirm the following to purchase

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¥5,900 tax included