2024/04/11 11:41

The Charm Pot's concept is "The amulet stuffed with gemstones magic."

It is made by combining gemstones according to your wish.

【How to use】
It is good to decorate in your room as a amulet until your dream come true and you can also purify your everyday accessories and add aroma oil to enjoy.
There are various ways to use that.

Please choose the charm pot according to your wish.

The charm attached to the charm pot can 
be arranged as a bracelet,necklace or earrings.

It's exciting to have something cute, isn't it?
I hope that everyday life will be a little exciting  with the charm pot.

In order to realize my ideal, I think affirmation is important.
By imagining yourself wanting to be like this every day, you can actually act and gradually change your ideal self.
You're the one who changes yourself.
And I think it's important to act in order to change.
I would be glad  if I could provide you with an opportunity to act in order to fulfill your wish.

By the way, the gemstone chips are made by processing fragments from gemstones.
So, It's eco-friendly and earth-friendly:)

It would be great if we could express our excitement to everyone through "inOrganic."