2024/04/11 11:49

Hello, This is Wacaco, the shop owner.

About 8years have passed since the brand "inOrganic" was founded in 2016.

I was told by client from overseas that "the Japanese are a national character who likes spirituality."
Now that you mentioned it, she might be right. I think Japanese people have always been brought up with spirituality since they were born.
Okuizome(first meal), 
Shichi-go-san(to celebrate the growth of children),
Hatsumode(first shrine visit of the New Year),
Yaku barai(to drive off bad luck),
Omikuji(paper fortune ) and more...
I realized that I took it for granted as a Japanese culture.
Since most Japanese do not hold to any particular religion,I think they have amulets as emotional support.

I think you can interpret and decide the meaning of gemstones by yourself.
Things are just happening.
It's up to you to see it understand in a good way or a bad way.
Then, even if something bad happens, you can make the most of it next time.
You decide your own life.
You are the result of what you have accumulated in the past.

The meaning of gemstones depends on you, so please use them as emotional support when you are depressed or want to be brave.
Also, I would be very happy if you could feel happy even a little with the inOrganic item with the theme of gemstones.

The most important concept of this shop is "kawaii".I won't be compromising on this one.
No matter what kind of talisman it is, I will not forget to design it with cuteness.

To everyone who sympathizes with the cuteness of inOrganic.
To make it easier for you to live, to have a happy lifestyle, and to make you feel a little better It would be great if you could incorporate "inOrganic" items into your daily life♡