The Fortune Bath Salt ( Made in Japan )

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"The Fortune bath salt" is a playful bath salt that allows you to tell fortunes by the meaning of gemstones.
This is based on red salt and contains hyaluronic acid.
This red color contains iron.
It's mineral-rich and has a sweat-inducing effect, and hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin.
It is 99.999% natural, so it is gentle on the skin and even children can take a bath without worry.
It is the fragrance of orange and flower.
One of the seven gemstones have been included at random.

【Contents】2.82 oz / 80g

Sodium chloride, mandarin orange pericarp oil, Rosemary leaf oil, Pelargonium graveolens oil, silica, Sodium hyaluronate

【How to use】
Put about 40g (about half of the bottle) in hot water in the bathtub and melt it well before taking a bath.

○Meaning of gemstones in "Fortune bath salt"

One of the seven gemstones have been included at random.
Please check what kind of gemstone was in your bath salt.

Jasper / My point of view, Supreme nurturer
※Depending on the stone, Jasper is a mixture of shades of red, dark red, green, purple and yellow.

Rose quartz / Self love, Love luck, Beauty

Fluorit / Talent blossoms, To raise the thinking and intuition

Blue aventurine / To relieve stress, Mentally stable

Quartz / purification, Healing

Charoite / The top three healing gemstone, To get bad feelings out

Green aventurine / Mentally stable, Recovery from fatigue

Please take good care of the room by decorating it or carrying it around as a talisman.

○ the production story of bath salt
I made Fortune bath salt with the image of a small bottle containing magic that I longed for when I was a child♡
It looks like a "drink me" bottle from Alice in Wonderland.

I want to use it with many people, so this time, I chose mandarin orange as the base scent.
Mandarin scents sweeter than orange.
So I added the luxury of being spicy with rosemary and enjoying the fluffy scent of flowers with geranium.
Then, I put gemstones inside so that you can enjoy it even after using them.

Since I started working on gemstones, it's a natural environment for me to always have gemstones around me.
I think it's wonderful to have them in the room like decorating foliage plants and flowers.
I hope the custom of putting them in the room will spread...
There was a time when I kept thinking about how to easily adds them in everyone's daily.
So, if gemstones were included in the items that I usually use every day, I thought they would put them in my room.

It's very little gemstones, but I hope you can feel the excitement when you take it out of a small bottle of bath salt and it that came out♡
The gemstones that came out can be arranged in the bathtub or displayed in the room, and I hope they will be incorporated into my daily life.
I feel relaxed when I have small gemstones in my room.
So I love them!!

Please try reading your fortune while looking at the colors of gemstones♡

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